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Bio-Dynamic T-Shirts

100% cotton--certified organic
100% non-toxic biodegradable ink
(only patented ink in the world)
Spread the word about Bio-Dinamic foods
Support Educational and Promotional Activities

Great gift for your friends/farmers for only $20

All proceeds are used for education and promotion of Bio-Dynamic food through Spiritual Food for the New Milenium (no administration costs added).

Manufactured by Planet Ink team, lead by Shari Shifrin.
Designed by School of Life team, led by Virginia Ibarra Garza

T-Shirt with a legend emblazoned on the back

Click here to see the FRONT

To order call  1-888-384-9642
(credit cards accepted)
4217 East-West Highway, Bethesda, MD 20814
301-654-6759; fax: 301-654-2702
toll free: 888-384-YOGA (9642)