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Victor and Linette Landa




Food and Human Relations

Spiritual Food for the New Millennium

Spirit Of Service

Forces Of Life Within You

Living An Ideal

Using Our Positive Energy


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The system of biodynamic farming begins with healthy soil, soil that is not only rich in minerals but also those factors that assist the plant in assimilating those minerals. An integral part of biodynamic farming is the use of composted manure from animals living on the farm. Because the cows and chickens on biodynamic farms are allowed to roam freely, and to feed on green grass and insects, their butterfat and egg yolks will be rich in many vital nutrients, including vitamins A and D.

It was Dr. Weston Price, the father of modern nutrition, who taught us the importance of nutrient-dense foods. During the 1930's and 1940's, Dr. Price traveled throughout the globe to study isolated, so-called "primitive" groups of people. He found 14 groups that exhibited perfect health as judged by their freedom from dental caries, handsome broad faces with uniformly straight teeth, ease of childbirth, freedom from infectious and chronic disease, and sweetness of disposition. Although the diets of the fourteen groups were diverse - some were composed almost entirely of animal products, some contained milk products, others contained roots and tubers, some were rich in sea foods, others contain many dishes made with grains - Price identified two major underlying factors of the optimum diet. First, healthy diets contain no refined or denatured foods such as sugar, white flour, devitalized oils, protein powders, hydrogenated fats, and skim or pasteurized milk. Secondly, healthy diets are very rich in vitamins and minerals. When he analyzed the foods of healthy primitive peoples, Price found that they contained at least four times more minerals and water soluble vitamins, and ten times more fat-soluble vitamins (vitamins A and D) as the American diet of his day. This disparity would surely be greater today as our soil becomes more and more depleted and as Americans have abandoned the few sources of fat soluble vitamins, like eggs and butter, in the mistaken belief that these vital foodstuffs cause heart disease and cancer.

We can have the best medical system in the world, we can have armies of scientists doing nutritional research, we can eat broccoli until it comes out of our ears, but if our diet is deficient in nutrients, we will not be healthy. The solution to our current health crisis will not be achieved until the consumer makes and effort to obtain foods that have been grown in such a way that they supply all of the nutrients needed for optimum health.

The spiritual path involves not so much the renunciation of the material, as the infusion of the material with the spiritual. Thus, the biodynamic farmer assists in infusing the material of Mother Nature with the spiritual forces that result in truly nourishing food. When we bring this food into our kitchens, we continue the process. Through proper preparation of grains, legumes, vegetables and dairy products, we can enhance both the material nutritive and the spiritual qualities of our food.

"If a woman could see the sparks of light going forth from her fingertips when she is cooking," writes one of the Masters, "and the substance of light that goes into the food she handles, she would be amazed to see how much of herself she charges into the meals that she prepares for her family and friends. It is one of the most important and least understood activities of life that the radiation and feeling that go into the preparation of food affect everyone who partakes of it, and this activity should be unhurried, peaceful and happy. It would be better that an individual did not eat at all, than to eat food that has been prepared under a feeling of anger, resentment, depression or any outward pressure, because the substance of the lifestream performing the service flows into that food and is eaten, and actually becomes part of the energy of the receiver. That is why the advanced spiritual teachers of the East never eat food prepared by anyone other than their own chelas (students). Conversely, if the one preparing the food is the only one in the household who is spiritually advanced and an active charge of happiness, purity and peace pours forth into the food from him, this pours forth into the other members and blesses them. I might say that there are more ways than one of allowing the Spirit of God to enter the flesh of man." [1]

Spiritual Food for the New Millennium implies a renunciation of factory farmed and factory-processed foods because these baubles that fill the grocers' shelves undermine our health and militate against the spirit. The production of food in the spirit of enlightenment by the farmer, and the preparation of food in the spirit of enlightenment by the cook, culminate in a diet that supports not only optimum physical health, but also promotes the spiritual evolution of the human race.

Victor and Linette Landa make it possible for us to join in a peaceful revolution through a truly healthy diet by supporting Biodynamic agriculture. Please join me by joining them in this endeavor.

Sally Fallon, Author
Nourishing Traditions

[1] Maha Chohan, Electrons, Ascended Master Teaching Foundation, PO Box 466 Mount Shasta, CA 96067




From the beginning of history positive societal transformations have taken place thanks to the initiative of individuals working diligently and collectively towards a well-defined objective. In the wake of the explosion of global communication that we are experiencing, the social transformation will take a different form, but there will always be the need for a well-defined objective.
There is presently an urgent need for social transformation. We have received guidelines from extraordinary individuals like Rudolf Steiner, staunch defender of the soil on our planet - that living organism of which we are all a part. Victor Schauerberger, defender of "living water" also has generously given us a legacy of knowledge that only a genius like him could offer. We have been shown the way of peace by spirit warriors like Mahatma Ghandi and Martin Luther King. The way of peace was illumined by the one who came to rescue and encourage humankind, Jesus the Christ, who said: "He who believeth in me, the works that I do, shall he do also, and greater works than these shall he do."
We have allowed 2000 years to go by enthralled in the mayic play of materialism. Maya or illusion as it is known in Eastern thought, plays the role of deceiver and draws us away from spirit. It is time to stop and reflect, reorient, and walk towards the light of the spirit.
"Peaceful Revolution" is like the grain of sand that stimulates the oyster to generate a pearl. It is a contribution towards the many ideas that need to come together to produce a "well-defined objective" for social transformation.Those ideas, that will become an ideal, may come from any personal insight or spiritual tradition. We need to open ourselves to peaceful coexistence. We are still seeing the horrors of religious fanaticism, intolerance, self-righteousness, parochialism, and bigotry that have undermined formal religion. Spirituality born out of mutual respect and reverence for all of God's creation should inaugurate an era of love, compassion and understanding. Food can be a common link that will lead us to recognize that we are all the same spirit.
A peaceful revolution is one where there are no losers nor winners, no wounds nor physical pain or suffering. It should not be against anybody. Whatever needs correction should be by overcoming not destroying.
Nothing that we say here is new. But, there is a need to remind each other again and again until we move from the field of intentions to the field of action.

May 1, 1999
On occasion of the Soul of Service II, International Conference
Building Global Communities of Goodwill



We cannot change the world, we can only change ourselves. If we all change, however, we can change the world profoundly. There are two fundamental questions. What do we need to change? How do we do it?

Put simply, we need to switch from a materialistic mentality to a spiritual one. We need to do this because human relations are deteriorating when they should be improving. Switching from a materialistic mentality to a spiritual one would help to reverse this process of deterioration.

Paralleling the decline in human relations is the decline in the health of the soil. Assaulted by toxic chemical fertilizers and pesticides, robbed of its minerals, vitamins, and forces by continuous planting and abusive methods of agriculture, soil is another victim of uncontrolled human voracity for profit.

The common threads that inextricably link all of humankind are air, food and water. Of these three, food is the one that most readily shows how closely we are bound one to another. It is present in moments of sorrow and happiness. People celebrate all sorts of occasions with a meal. Times of scarcity or famine bring out both the best and the worst qualities of human beings. Food can be the catalyst of significant change in human relations; it has been so throughout history.

Author Joanne Saltzman reminds us of the role food plays in the development of society and social structure in her book, Amazing Grains: "In Greek mythology, grain is associated with Demeter, the archetypal mother of the human soul and the fruitful forces of nature. Her initiations of earth rituals founded harvesting cultures in the transition from nomadic to homesteading life-styles. The new agriculture wasn't just growing grains for cattle; people ate them, which brought about a new social structure. Indirectly, grains were responsible for the first alphabet and arithmetic systems. To Demeter, grain was a tool for opening new consciousness, containing the force of mother's milk; rooting itself in the earth, it carried the forces of life through stem and ear to open to the cosmic forces of the sun. It was believed that by the Demeterian creative force, seven grains arose from the virgin fertile earth; wheat, rye, oats, barley, millet, rice, and corn, some time around 12,000 B.C. Each in its own way strives to connect with the higher worlds through mineralization."

Food can help us to establish a different approach in our relations amongst ourselves, with the environment and with the rest of the universe. Each stage: generation, distribution and consumption gives us opportunities for action that can lead to a process of transformation.

Farmers and consumers need to establish a new and more direct form of relationship. The CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) modality is growing fast but is still struggling to define its boundaries and forms of implementation. Besides, in some cases due to logistics, distance, or time limitations, it is not always feasible. The CSA's need to be complemented with other structures that carry the same spirit - farmers and consumers working together.

To appreciate how food can help us in the process of transformation we will start with what we see as the key element -- Biodynamic food.

land for generations to come.




In 1924, Rudolf Steiner gave eight lectures establishing the basic guidelines for what became the "Biodynamic" form of agriculture. Since then, biodynamics has become a world-wide movement that continues to grow along with the consciousness of the population.

Well known for his clairvoyant gifts, Rudolf Steiner founded the Anthroposophic Society in 1913. He also originated the Waldorf system of Education, Eurythmy (form of movement), Anthroposophic Medicine, Artemisa, and the Camphill Villages that care and provide support for mentally disadvantaged people.

The lectures of Steiner compiled in the book entitled "Agriculture" were the result of his being asked by his followers why, as they observed, a degradation of the quality of plants was taking place.

The answer was based on the very simple premise that the "soil is sick." Steiner gave a severe warning in 1924 that the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers was poisoning the soil, making it more and more sick. He said that this was affecting plant and animal life and would have serious consequences in human life.

These eight lectures are nothing less than a protocol to heal the soil. Through healthy soil come healthy plants, animals and human beings thus restoring harmony to the universe. Creating and maintaining healthy soil is no minor task. Consequently, the form of agriculture prescribed is very precise, intellectually challenging and labor intensive. For this reason the growth of the biodynamic movement has not been as rapid as some other forms of agriculture, such as the organic movement that started twenty years later.

The fundamental conceptual difference between biodynamic and other forms of agriculture is that real healing does not take place in the absence of a spiritual component. BIODYNAMIC AGRICULTURE PROVIDES THIS SPIRITUAL COMPONENT. No matter how many elements are put together in whatever combination and although symptoms might be alleviated, real "healing" cannot take place without an infusion of spiritual forces. Jesus Christ illustrated this principle very clearly. He did not use herbs, needles or concoctions. He didn't even touch the individuals who came to him for healing. It was His capacity to reach directly into the individual's spirit and make the correction there that brought forth the physical cure, which is a manifestation of the spiritual healing that had taken place.

Rudolf Steiner explains that food grown biodynamically brings in the cosmic forces necessary for the spiritual enhancement of the individual. A student, Ehrenfreid Pfeiffer, once asked Steiner: "How can it happen that the spiritual impulse and especially the inner schooling, for which you are constantly providing stimulus and guidance, bear so little fruit? Why do the people concerned give so little evidence of spiritual experience, in spite of all their efforts? Why, worst of all, is the will for action, for the carrying out of these spiritual impulses so weak?" Steiner's thought-provoking and surprising answer was: "This is a problem of nutrition."

Nutrition in this context considers the spiritual component of food as its most valuable asset. Biodynamic agriculture provides this component. Other benefits of biodynamic food are that the plants, vegetables and fruit have unparalleled taste and nutritional value. They are rich in vitamins, minerals and life-force, or prana. Their flavor and sense of love-giving properties are striking. It is truly "Spiritual Food for the New Millennium" and will help to accelerate the process of evolution of the planet. What a significant favor it is to humankind to infuse love and kindness into our food and thus into ourselves. Contrast this with the violence and anger that are the natural companions of a competitive anything-for-profit motivation.

Biodynamic farming requires a very special kind of farmer and farm [1]. Both should become more and more common as the level of consciousness of the planet is raised.

As Dr. Steiner explained, the ideal farm should be self-contained. This means that besides the area for farming itself, which should be as diversified as the climate and soil allow, the physical layout of the farm should have the following elements: vegetable garden, orchard, animals (such as cattle, poultry, etc.), a pond with fish, flowers, bees, a reasonable size forest and an untouched area. Food for the animals should be grown on the farm following the same protocol as for the rest of the farm and manure should be used for composting and fertilizing.

As to the farming itself, it includes crop rotation, companion planting, composting and knowledge of cosmic forces in order to schedule daily and seasonal activities in accordance with their influences [2]. For example, at a certain time of the day sap flows to the upper part of the plant; depending on the plant's use, harvesting is either done then or reserved for another time. Knowledge of cosmic forces also determines when the biodynamic "preparations" should be used. The preparations are very specific additives that are part of the catalytic effect between the spiritual and the physical [3]. Making and applying these preparations is labor intensive, exacting and demanding. Just as any spiritual accomplishment, it demands consistent and persistent effort.

Following this protocol becomes a real challenge for the farmer. It is the farmer's energy that is going to influence the kind of cosmic forces that are to be infused in the plants. That is why Rudolf Steiner encouraged the farmers to practice meditation. He said:

"These things that take place through human influence, though they cannot be outwardly explained, are inwardly quite clear and transparent. Moreover, such things will come about simply as a result of the human being practicing meditation, preparing himself by meditative life, as I described it in yesterday's lecture."

By its very nature the farmer's life is conducive to a spiritual lifestyle. If we observe what most spiritual traditions establish for their members, we find that these are but natural to the farmer - rising before sunrise, practice of solitude and silence that prepare the mind for a state of meditation, physical exercise and a healthy diet.

Farmers, like birds and flowers, rely on God's provision for their daily sustenance. They must learn how to read the skies in order to nurture and protect their crops. If the objective is to obtain "spiritual food," farming requires knowledge both of a scientific nature to deal with the exoteric aspects of the process, and a knowledge of a spiritual nature to deal with the esoteric aspects. The biodynamic farmer makes studying both of these aspects part of his daily life.

We can see why we can expect Spiritual Food from this form of agriculture. The lifestyle and the mental expansion of the farmer are key ingredients. Also, the fact that these farms provide a valuable supply of fruits, vegetables and grains supports the practice of vegetarianism, which in itself leads people to spiritualization.

On the other end of the spectrum we have the commercial farming with its "anything-for profit" motive, which in many cases translates into satisfying shareholders' demands above and beyond any human, animal or environmental consideration. One manifestation of this is seen when entering a grocery store and finding 10% or less of its area dedicated to fresh produce against 90% or more of boxed devitalized, processed and chemically loaded unnatural products that are changing completely the natural eating habits of the population. Additional hidden costs of commercial farming are the deleterious effect of unnatural food on the environment because of the use of non-renewable resources and because of the waste and contamination that is a by-product of this modality. Furthermore, the 10% that is fresh produce comes mainly from commercial farms that depend on chemical fertilizers and pesticides that are slowly poisoning the earth and us.

As a response, the organic market is growing by leaps and bounds. At first, organic farming was seen as a threat by "big industry." Now, it has grown to the point that industry sees that it, too, can make a profit in organic agriculture. As a result, and to nobody's surprise, signs of decay are starting to show. Certification companies are sprouting everywhere: certification is on the way to becoming a commodity for whoever wants to pay a certain amount of dollars. But this is only the beginning of the decaying process. The real downside has already started with the proposal of government regulations with watered-down standards that make the term "organic" a caricature of what is originally meant: creating a life-giving, health enhancing plant. Forget about the spiritual.

Big industry has enough muscle to pass these kind of regulations. There is even the intention to forbid any private certifier or provider from establishing standards that are more strict than the "official" ones, thus ensuring that the deceit to the consumer is effectively perpetrated. This prohibition would eliminate any possibility of allowing people to choose what is best for their well-being.

Spiritual food, food grown biodynamically, is then that key element we are speaking about.

We conclude that there are two ways to increase the use and awareness of spiritual food: 1) actively support this form of agriculture, 2) adopt a different attitude in the way business is done. As consumers, the way to support this form of Agriculture is to support the Biodynamic farmer by buying biodynamic food and encouraging others to do so. Further levels of involvement may be inspired by the booklets Biodynamic Farmer Backbone of a Spiritual (R)evolution, and Spiritual Food for the New Millennium - A Plan of Action [4]. A spirit of service should be the foundation of the new attitude towards business. The new attitude towards business should be rooted in the spirit of service.



The different paths for spiritual development and also most religions stress the importance of developing a spirit of service. Even in secular circles volunteer work is appreciated as a necessary qualification for certain attainments. However, we are not talking about service as a means to obtain something (such as a favor, a job, or someone's good will.) We mean an entirely different kind of service - one purely from the heart, service for its own sake.

The "spirit of service" or Karma-Yoga is a pure spiritual practice, devoid of any personal gain or interest at any level. It is a response to the urges of our higher Self. The Spirit of Service is the expression of a high sense of responsibility and gratitude for being a human being. It is a recognition of the duty we have as part of this cosmic existence. After all, we are part of this universe from which we have received so much - the opportunity to exist, to have a human body, and to exert our capacity to attain divinity and to ultimately merge with the Absolute. These wonderful gifts are sufficient cause for the deepest and most humble gratitude.

The Spirit of Service or the principle of Karma-Yoga is offered as the main teaching in the Bhagavad Gita, the essence of the Vedic scriptures. It states: Perform all your actions without any expectations for the fruit of them, perform them as an offering to God, realizing that you are only the instrument and not the doer. St. Francis of Assisi, in his well known prayer for peace, simply and directly says, " is in giving that we receive..." Jesus said, " you sow so shall you reap..." Sow goodness and you shall receive goodness, sow evil and you will receive evil. Selfless service is part of a Universal Law, the Law of Karma, which can be summarized as: " every action has an equal and opposite reaction..." There is even a folk version of the same law, "what goes around comes around."

This Spirit of Service would ideally be the core principle around which business would be undertaken. Let's just envision for a few moments a different attitude in the parties involved in a business transaction if they were both observing the Spirit of Service. The buyer knows of the pure intention of the seller and appreciates the fact that the offering is an opportunity to exert self-responsibility and gratitude based on an exalted concept of life. In such a relationship confidence will prevail. Distrust will not exist. Conversely, if the seller knows that the buyer is not simply trying to get a good bargain but is rather a partner in the process of co-creating a world of harmony and peace, the concurrence of positive energies will create conditions for the expression of love. The whole atmosphere will be changed. The spirits of light will find the most inviting environment for their presence, and thus will enhance the conditions of love and light for the planet.

This work would be preparing the way for the "Kingdom of God upon earth" to come through - the task laid in front of us. That spirit of service is the idea that aids the process of transformation. Dr. Rudolf Steiner's words inspired an approach to this task when he said: "Every idea that does not become an ideal for you kills a force in your soul, but every idea that becomes an ideal for you creates forces of life within you."



Only a strong united front of spiritual people can lead the way for a better world. "Unity in diversity" is one of the main dictums in the practice of Yoga. It is contained in the word itself since Yoga comes from the Sanskrit root "yug," which means "to join" or to "unite". This can be a guiding principle for any situation in life. Looking at spiritual communities as a whole with this principle in mind, the message of unity becomes clear. Each one has its own path and methods to approach the Divinity, and we should all respect each others beliefs. But, what a wonderful gift to the world it would be if the synergistic effect of this basic principle Unity in Diversity was implemented and allowed us to work together.

We find ourselves at a crossroads. The issue of food will soon become a referendum of planetary proportions - a very appropriate field where spirituality and materialism will face each other. It seems to be a legacy of Dr. Steiner and his method of biodynamic agriculture that this task be taken by spiritually responsible people. A strong united front - free of jealousy, rivalry, ego-centrism and other impediments - is needed. Spiritual movements have grown and spread around the globe. There is an opportunity now to unite us all using the common thread of food.

The Spiritual Food for the New Millennium initiative relies on the implementation of the Unity in Diversity principle. It started as an idealistic proposal mainly to promote the enhancement of the level of consciousness of humankind through biodynamically grown food and to correct serious societal shortcomings, namely: a) abuse of the soil, b) abuse of the farmer, who is not paid the real value of his labor, c) abuse of the consumer, who is receiving poisoned food, and d) the farmer/middleman/consumer dynamic based on self-serving, materialistic concerns. However, it has became evident that other issues need to be addressed.

We can see that a downfall of the "organic" food movement is taking place. The name will carry on, but it will be little more than an empty shell used to deceive uninformed consumers. Should biodynamics follow the conventional route of marketing it would lead to the same downfall. A new approach is needed with enough protecting mechanisms to ensure purity. When we talk about marketing in this context we are getting into a totally different dimension. We are touching different aspects: political, social, generational, etc. Marketing biodynamic food through the Spiritual Food project goes beyond the limited field of Agro-business. This is why a strong, diverse group of spiritual people and communities with strong spiritual roots need to be the soul of it.

It is truly beautiful to realize how hungry for spiritual knowledge the world is. Science and religion, as they have been presented, are facing serious challenges; as has materialism. Yet, the point of critical mass that could bring about a change has not been reached, and will not be reached until a sensible alternative is clear.

A strong united front of spiritual people, either individually or in organized groups, all working together can become the generating element that will gear humanity to more elevating roadways, moving in the direction of the spirit, the way to the truth. For hundred of years now we have been tearing apart everything that has come within our reach. We have dissected and mutilated without distinction animal, vegetable, mineral, and the planet itself, paradoxically without knowing, drawn by that sacred impulse to find the truth. In our bloody hands and stained bodies we look around, surrounded by the destruction and stench so strong that we don't know where to go to get away from it. This is one of the reasons we are trying to find our way to other planets with desperate attempts of physical feats, struggling with gravity and with other forms of life that we don't want and can't recognize; thinking in our arrogant and materialistic ways that the only form of life is that made to our image.

We all have a redemptor within ourselves. "Christ consciousness" is the essence of that redemptor buried deep under layers of our daily active lives. But it has been and will always be ready waiting to be of service, waiting to be. Only Christ could offer the ultimate sacrifice, but we all can help to carry the cross of humankind by pointing in the direction of the spirit and not of the materialistic world.

What does this mean in terms of putting spiritual forces into action? According to yoga, there are four basic human drives: food, sex, sleep and self-preservation. It stands out very clearly in this case also that the most accessible common thread is the food. Dr. Rudolf Steiner was very clear in his lectures in Agriculture [5] when he said the reason people do not put into practice the spiritual principles they hold as ideals was "a problem of nutrition." At first glance it might seem there is no connection. But when we study the Agriculture lessons completely and remember that all the cells of our body are replaced every seven years and that the new cells that are being made out of the forces and elements which we bring in as our food, we will begin to see its merit.

The ecological, social and economic implications of the process of food and nutrition have vast ramifications in the fabric of society. This clearly plays a central role in our existence.

The Spiritual Food for the New Millennium initiative is committed to synthesize these objectives, feeding the physical and the spiritual bodies of both man and the planet.

The idea is to create a "market" as a support group. This market could be the initiator of a new societal dynamic, based on ethical principles rather than economic and self-centered ones. We also need to be realistic. We must function at least temporarily within the materialistic frame.

How long it takes to implement the project is not so relevant. What is important at this point is to look deep into our hearts, to extend our hand to our own "redemptor" and kindly lead him out to join with other hearts to strengthen this unity and bring light to the world.

Let's allow our imagination to stretch out into the future to envision the time when a farmer can earn a livelihood from his or her labors and that still allow enough time for his/her spiritual practice. Let's envision a time where space is created on certain farms where city dwellers can come to stay to experience nature and a meditative environment, to breathe fresh air and eat healthy food, and to experience the body, work on the mind, and open up to the spirit.

Let's provide the farmer with enough means to support apprentices with reasonable compensation. Ultimately, let's give farmers the opportunity to become role models for generations to come, inspiring in the young a sense of reverence and devotion for what their predecessors have accomplished. Let the farmer become a source of inspiration for the young when the time comes to decide how to direct their lives. Let's honor and live by Dr. Rudolf Steiner's words:

"Every idea that does not become an ideal for you kills a force in your soul, but every idea that becomes an ideal for you creates forces of life within you."




The downfall of the Soviet Union is still fresh in people's minds. It took everybody by surprise. It was by sheer will of its people that this radical transformation was accomplished. That is the power of peace. No guns were shot, no bombs were dropped. The peaceful manifestation (flowers, love and smiles) of the strong will of the people brought about the transformation. This powerful lesson is a reminder to all of us of the great gifts we have been given: the ability to feel the urgent desire for transformation and the will to make it come about. Many minds concentrated on one ideal can attain results far beyond our imagination.

The example of the Soviet Union can be repeated once and again. Mankind has the power to make this form of attainment a blessed tool of transformation. When minds are focused on violence, fear, greediness, hatred, jealousy, and lust, (through movies, TV, news, advertisements, etc.) the result is what we are experiencing - a societal decomposition where our elders are subjected to lack of respect and loneliness, our children exposed to the above at younger and younger ages. Scarcely a family is untouched.

The younger generation is screaming at us with their acts of violence - acts of violence that we don't understand. We try to correct them with punitive measures, psychological help, counseling, preventive measures, and all sorts of band-aids that only treat the symptoms. We choose not to see and correct the root of the problem. We choose not to hear their message, to feel their pain. It is not solemn words of sorrow and stern faces that are needed; it is a change of attitude.

We choose not to understand that their rebellion is against our deceit. We teach them the values of the soul but enact the traits of the lower nature. We claim to be God-loving yet we cheat our neighbor, abuse our power, desecrate nature, idolize possessions and revere materialism. The natural aspirations of the soul for love, kindness, compassion are battered, crushed and mocked at an increasingly earlier age by the way of life they see in movies, TV, and everyday life.

Survival, in this environment, means crushing those values of the soul and replacing them for the values of the world - good business deals, money buys anything, you have to make it in the world, business is business, if you are honest you are a fool, etc.

Pointing fingers does not help. Feeling guilty does not help. What is done is done; what is important is what we will do. Materialism and spirituality are not mutually exclusive - it is the right balance that is needed. Spiritually inclined people can show the way.

Let's look at the example of the people in the Soviet Union and join forces to bring about a positive societal transformation. Let's again make food the thread that links us all together in this common ideal: let's unite a conglomerate of spiritually inclined individuals who are willing to put their minds and hearts together until the level of critical mass is reached and we can all enjoy the blessing of a world of peace, harmony, and love. We can do it. This is the ideal of coming together to support the raising of consciousness of humankind. The SFNM project is being offered as the seed to provide the opportunity for this coming together.

The words of Omraam Mikhaâl Aãvanhov are illuminating:
Never forget that the foundation of all strength is unity, harmony. Remember that you must form one great family in spite of all your differences of character, tastes, degree of evolution, social or professional standing, and so on. Leave all these details to one side, for they are not important. They have very little to do with your spiritual life. You must strengthen the conviction in your hearts that, in spite of all your differences, you all belong together. You are here to pray, meditate and sing together in order to awaken consciences throughout the world. If you do this, you will really and truly be powerful.

The times are ripe to move up the steps of spiritual evolution. We must be ready to respond to the needs of new consciousness. Dwapara yuga or the Aquarian Age, as it is also sometimes called, is giving the opportunity for more evolved souls to come back to the planet. Adequate conditions for them are needed.



Most people have a busy schedule and their scarce free time is probably already committed to different endeavors. Nevertheless, we can see the opportunity for everybody and anybody to participate in this project. The common thread of food joins us all. We all have to eat. Our choice of food will not only make a statement, but will also keep alive this form of agriculture as well as be a reminder to keep our minds unified in the purpose of peace and transformation. Using as much Biodynamic food as is available helps create opportunity for new biodynamic farmers and will increase the availability of biodynamic food.

The Spiritual Food for the New Millennium (SFNM) project has been embraced by the School of Life, (the karma-yoga expression of Shanti Yoga). It is committed to continue implementing the project of expansion and seeking participation of individuals and organizations. All will work with a spirit of service to create an alternative system of food production and distribution. We do not condemn the existing system. It was simply a response to a necessity of humankind at the previous stage of evolution (Kali Yuga) and will continue rendering service. In addition, to move in the direction of reaching the "critical mass" point of transformation, we encourage meditation groups and all those concerned with the betterment of the planet to practice mental concentration as well as active participation. One by one we can change ourselves, and together, we can change the world.

[1] The Bio-Dynamic Farmer: Backbone of a Spiritual (R)evolution, by Victor Landa is available from SFNM.
[2] The Stella Natura calendar gives exact information for timing farming and gardening activities such as planting, harvesting, applying the preparations, etc. Available from SFNM or the Biodynamic Assocociation, Inc.
[3] To learn more about biodynamic preparations, write or call the Josephine Porter Institute for Applied Biodynamics Inc. at PO Box 133, Woolwine, VA 24185; 540-930-2463.
[4] Spiritual Food for the New Millennium - A Plan of Action, by Victor Landa is available from SFNM. See also ref. [1].
[5] Agriculture, Rudolf Steiner; Bio-Dynamic Agricultural Association, Rudolf Steiner House, 35 Park Road, London, N.W.1; 1974 (first printing 1958). Available from SFNM.


Spiritual Food for the New Millennium is a project of the School of Life, an educational society providing the opportunity to practice Karma-Yoga. Victor (Vyasa) and Linette (Akasha) Landa run Shanti Yoga (source of the School of Life) a center in Bethesda MD, U.S.A. Since the first contact with Dr. Steiner's work they have envisioned the potential and feel committed to Dr. Rudolf Steiner's inspirations. At Shanti Yoga, meetings are held regularly on Friday evenings for meditation. As of January the 7th at 7:00 p.m. EST of the year 2000, and from then on every Friday, there will be a 15 minute concentration on bringing about this societal transformation. You are welcome to join in this preparation work of mental concentration as an individual, or with your own group, or friends.

For more information or to order biodynamic food, write or call Spiritual Food for the New Millennium, 4217 East-West Highway, Bethesda, MD 20814; 301 654-4899 or 1-888-384-9642.